How to create and update a playlist?

Putting your data in order allows you to find yourself quickly in case of an emergency. You can create folders or a list of your favourite songs so that you can play them whenever you want. In three steps, this article informs you on, how to create a Playlist.

All about the Playlist?

A Playlist is an English word and its translation in French gives Liste de lecture. Thus we can understand by Playlist, a folder or a list created in which are arranged in an indeterminate number of songs or videos according to their category or nature. So you can create a list for the hymns you are going to play every morning for prayers on your computer or your mobile smartphone according to your preference. You need to rename it and update it every time you upload new songs.

Three steps to creating a playlist

To keep you informed, not all apps or audio-video players are in the same category, so the procedure may defer from one player app to another. In the case of this article, the example is taken from an application that all can have. It is the Google play Music app. To create a playlist on this player, you first need to open the application from the menu on your phone. When you open it you will see all your albums. Next to each of your song titles are three dots on top of each other. Then press the three dots and the options will appear. This will open the window in which you can create your list. Finally, press on the new list, put the name you want to give to your list and then add all your music you want to put in it. To update your list, just add your new songs. You can set up your list and update your list automatically.