The most successful songs at the beginning of 2021

The year 2021 is shaping up well for the art world. Every month, statistics are established in the ranks of the singing artists. At the beginning of 2021, we have determined the top 5 songs of January. We have to admit that women will be in the spotlight in the new year.
Here is the list of the five most successful songs of January.

1- Altin Gün – Yüce Dag Basinda

This is a rock band from the Netherlands. In this month of January, Altin Gün returns to the scene with the song Yüce Dag Basinda, a real bomb that makes you want to spend time projecting dance steps. You can download this song to savour the wonders of rock.

2- Cartel Madras – Drift

Cartel Madras is a group of rappers formed with only two people. This is the most interesting rap group the world has seen in recent times. This month, they are back on the web with the song Drift. It’s a song that is inspired by life with a striking lyric.

3- Institute – a moment of fulfillment

The real group that struggles every time to have the balance between slam and music is the Institute. It is a group that conquers the audience with the quality of the lyrics. Institut then takes 3rd place in the ranking of the most successful songs in January with the track un instant de plénitude.
<4- Jane Inc – Steel

Released by the band Ice Cream, Jane Inc goes into a world of music with fire. With Steel, a song mixed between psychedelic rock and pop, she has just signed her big comeback.

5- The Empress – Fear of Girls

She is already working on Tako Stubo, a song that will arrive next March. But, she surprises us this January with the hit Fear of Girls. In this song, the empress ridicules misogynists who are afraid of girls.