The most successful songs at the beginning of 2021

The year 2021 is shaping up well for the art world. Every month, statistics are established in the ranks of the singing artists. At the beginning of 2021, we have determined the top 5 songs of January. We have to admit that women will be in the spotlight in the new year. Here is the list of the five most successful songs of January. 1- Altin Gün – Yüce Dag Basinda This is a rock band from the Netherlands. In this month of January, Altin Gün returns to the scene with the song Yüce Dag Basinda, a real bomb that makes you want to spend time projecting dance steps. You can download this song to savour the wonders of rock. 2- Cartel Madras – Drift Cartel Madras is a group of rappers formed with only two people. This is the most interesting rap group the world has seen in recent times. This month, they are back on the web with the song Drift. It’s a song that is inspired by life with a striking lyric. 3- Institute – a moment of fulfillment The real group that struggle... See more

All about the easiest musical instruments to learn

A musical instrument is an object that can produce sound. There are three categories of musical instruments. We have stringed instruments (guitar, violin…). Wind instruments (flute, saxophone and trumpets), and percussion instruments (drums and xylophone). Do you have the passion to learn a musical instrument, and don’t know which one to choose? Worry no more, the following article puts three easy-to-learn instruments within your reach. The harmonica, a better instrument for beginners The harmonica is a musical instrument that you can keep in your pocket or small bag. It is used in different musical styles. These include folk music, blues, jazz and classical music. The harmonica is very easy to learn. To play it, you have to put your lips and tongue in a better place and then blow air into the holes. The different tones will depend on the position of your mouth. Also, to learn you don’t have to have any musical training. You just need determination, motivation and per... See more

How to create and update a playlist?

Putting your data in order allows you to find yourself quickly in case of an emergency. You can create folders or a list of your favourite songs so that you can play them whenever you want. In three steps, this article informs you on, how to create a Playlist. All about the Playlist? A Playlist is an English word and its translation in French gives Liste de lecture. Thus we can understand by Playlist, a folder or a list created in which are arranged in an indeterminate number of songs or videos according to their category or nature. So you can create a list for the hymns you are going to play every morning for prayers on your computer or your mobile smartphone according to your preference. You need to rename it and update it every time you upload new songs. Three steps to creating a playlist To keep you informed, not all apps or audio-video players are in the same category, so the procedure may defer from one player app to another. In the case of this article, the example is taken from... See more

How do I download a piece of music from the internet?

You are in love with music and you like to listen to songs all the time. But it sometimes disgusts you just because you have to depend on your internet connection at all times before you can access your favourite music. In an effort to help you download your songs of choice once and for all, this handy and rich article comes with a lot of details to give you some tips. Where to find your favourite music . In short, you need to understand first that in order to have your song available to you full time, you need to spend in the connection once and for all. This allows you to use the Internet. With your computer or smartphone or just your Android phone, log on to the site of your choice. Search google.com for music download sites. Once on the homepage, follow all the steps to download a song. Steps to downloading a song In this article, a standard site is used as an example. Once on the home page, you have a search box. You search for your song by its title by typing the title in the sea... See more

What are the musical instruments used in jazz?

Jazz music is one of the most moving pieces of music at parties. It is played all over the world and is impressive on any occasion. Seeing the diversity of musical instruments that enhance this beautiful melody, we decided to introduce you to the main instruments used in this music. After discussing the accompanying instruments, the soloists will be exposed. The most important accompanying instruments of Jaaz In any jazz band, you must necessarily notice the presence of certain instruments. These instruments are indispensable and only they can build a Jazz music. They are of course the Piano, the Double Bass and the Drums. To this famous trio of instruments, a fourth instrument is very often added: the Guitar. Talking about the role of each of them in the composition of Jazz, the Piano with all its reservoir of sounds and voices allows to fill all the sound gaps in the instrumental. The Double Bass, as its name suggests, takes advantage of its position to give heaviness to the instrume... See more