What are the musical instruments used in jazz?

Jazz music is one of the most moving pieces of music at parties. It is played all over the world and is impressive on any occasion. Seeing the diversity of musical instruments that enhance this beautiful melody, we decided to introduce you to the main instruments used in this music. After discussing the accompanying instruments, the soloists will be exposed.

The most important accompanying instruments of Jaaz

In any jazz band, you must necessarily notice the presence of certain instruments. These instruments are indispensable and only they can build a Jazz music. They are of course the Piano, the Double Bass and the Drums. To this famous trio of instruments, a fourth instrument is very often added: the Guitar. Talking about the role of each of them in the composition of Jazz, the Piano with all its reservoir of sounds and voices allows to fill all the sound gaps in the instrumental. The Double Bass, as its name suggests, takes advantage of its position to give heaviness to the instrumental defined by the drums. The drums are the most important and indispensable instrument in jazz music as in all other music. It defines the rhythm to follow and maintains it. The guitar, on the other hand, intervenes to play the intermediary of the piano or the double bass. This is the reason why some jazz bands can compose without it. Apart from these fundamental instruments, there are also instruments that ornament the sound itself.

Solo instruments in Jazz

They are called soloists because their intervention consists only in maintaining the course of the melody. The solo instruments adorn the instrumental with their entire melody. But as an encore, Jazz will be with or without the solo instruments. The flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, cornet and other wind instruments form the focus of the solo instruments.